General Information

//General Information
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Municipal Offices at City Hall
(609) 266-7600
1417 W. Brigantine Ave.
4-Wheel Drive Permits
Only 4-wheel drive vehicles with permits may drive on posted beaches. Permits may be obtained at 265 42nd Street. For more information please call 609-264-7350.
Beach Badges
(609) 264-7350   (seasonal May 1st – Labor Day)
Beach Badges are required for anyone using the beaches from the 2nd Saturday in June until Labor Day. Beach Badges may be obtained at 265 42nd Street. For more information please call 609-264-7350. Beach Badges may also be purchased from Beach Tag Inspectors on the beach.
Beach Patrol Headquarters
(609) 266-5233 (seasonal only)
Sponsors swimming and rowing competitions & swim clinics for youth. Beach chairs are available for the disabled. Please call Headquarters to reserve.

Yacht Club

(609) 266-1234
1001 Bayshore Ave.
The Yacht Club welcomes new members. Come enhance your boating enjoyment.

Public Boat Ramp
Bayshore Ave. & 5th Street South
Atlantic County Library
(609) 266-0110
201 15th Street South
Tennis Courts
(609) 266-0911
43rd Street.
Call for reservations. Open 7am to 10pm.
Community Education & Recreation Program
(609) 266-3323
Recreational Programs & Tournaments
Dog Owners
No dogs shall be permitted upon any public beach between 14th Street North and the South-westernmost portion of the beaches between May 30th and September 30th inclusive. No dog shall be allowed to run at large off the property of the owner, or person keeping said dog.
Dunes, Fences & Beach Grass

The interference with, alteration, removal or destruction of sand dunes, vegetation, snow fences or other protective barriers along the beach front is strictly prohibited. Violators are punishable by a fine not exceeding $200.00 or by imprisonment

Upcoming Event!

Come get to know members of the FBI, Brigantine Beach Patrol, Fire and Police Departments, Atlantic County Sheriff’s Office, NJ State Marine Police, U.S. Coast Guard, and even the county SWAT Team! When: 6-9pm Where: 26th Street Field