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Barbara Saccoccia
Tax Assessor

(609) 266-7600 ext. 242

Headed by Tax Assessor Barbara Saccoccia, the Tax Assessment Office is responsible for determining the market value of all real property within the City of Brigantine Beach for the purpose of assessment. Additional duties include deed transfers, tax map maintenance, property owner mailing address changes, bank code changes, and Regional Efficiency Air Program, SR1As and processing of property tax deductions.

This office provides applications for the following tax deductions – PLEASE NOTE QUALIFICATIONS MUST EXIST AS OF OCTOBER 1 OF THE PRE-TAX YEAR:


a $250 deduction on the property taxes on the dwelling house of an income qualified New Jersey resident senior citizen (age 65 or more), disabled person and surviving spouse. In addition to the completed application, other documentation such as proof of age, medical documentation and/or a copy of a death certificate may be required depending on the claim. Once this deduction is granted, it is followed up every year with a post year income statement, mailed in January, for the claimant to confirm their income for the previous year and reaffirm the information on the initial claim in order to continue to receive the deduction.


a $200 deduction for 2002 and $250 deduction for 2003 and beyond is available to property owners who are New Jersey residents who were honorably discharged from active duty wartime service in the United States Armed Forces. In addition to the completed application, a copy of the honorable discharge and DD214 papers should be submitted. A surviving spouse of a veteran or serviceperson will also be asked to provide proof that their spouse was a New Jersey resident at the time of his or her death and/or a death certificate. Once this deduction is granted, it remains in effect as long as the claimant owns the property and he or she remains a New Jersey resident.


May be entitled to full exemption from property taxes.

Application forms for the above deductions and information on the following State of New Jersey programs are available online:

  • Property Tax Reimbursement (Freeze)
  • Homestead Rebate
  • NJ Saver Rebate
  • Property Tax Deduction/Credit

For more information about the Tax Assessor’s duties, click here to view the City Code and search for “Article IX.”

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