About Me

I’m Andrew Millen, a passionate tour guide and the sole author of this website. I currently reside in the vibrant city of Atlantic City, and I’ve fallen in love with its unique charm and the beauty of its surroundings.

This love inspired me to start BB-NJ.org, a blog dedicated to sharing the hidden gems and noteworthy places in Brigantine, Atlantic City, and other nearby areas.

My Journey

My journey in Atlantic City began when I moved here a few years ago. The energy, culture, and stunning landscapes captivated me from the very start.

As I explored the city and its neighboring areas, I realized that there was so much to share with others who might not have the chance to experience it firsthand.

That’s how BB-NJ.org was born – as a platform to showcase the best of this region and to help others discover its many wonders.


The mission of BB-NJ.org is simple: to inspire and inform. I aim to provide readers with valuable insights, tips, and stories about Brigantine, Atlantic City, and beyond.

Whether you’re planning a visit, new to the area, or simply curious about what makes this part of New Jersey so special, my goal is to offer content that fuels your curiosity and enhances your experience.

Take a look at my editorial policy to see the inner details of my mission and how I plan to conduct it.

Join My Adventure

At BB-NJ.org, it’s not just about me – it’s about building a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploration and discovery. Your feedback, stories, and experiences help shape this blog and make it a dynamic and interactive platform.

Join me as I continue to explore and share the best of Brigantine, Atlantic City, and beyond.